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Kaytlin Bailey wrote and developed her first one woman show Cuntagious at the Tank Theater in the summer of 2015. With the description; 

"If the world worked the way Kaytlin's father thought it did, she would have been raped & killed a decade ago. But she wasn't. The spoiled daughter of a Green Beret Bailey grew up asking "why." At 17 she dared to ask "why not?" & began a career as a sex worker. At 25 she fell in love with a man she thought she could build a life with. After she revealed her past the love of her life told her she was an unlovable abomination. She believed him for a long time. But now unashamed & uncensored Cuntagious tells Bailey's story, she is neither an activist nor a hero- but she isn't a mess. To anyone who ever called her crazy- fuck you, watch this.


She went on to perform the show in the NYC Fringe  and United Solo theater festivals in 2016 to sold out audiences and rave reviews.  


Cuntagious THE EASY

Cuntagious SHOW-SCORE

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